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The Real Estate Outlook for Scottsdale, Arizona

Home Builders in Scottsdale And The Changing Market

When To Purchase A Home In Scottsdale

Recently in Scottsdale Arizona there was a panel of home builders and developers who spoke about the need to increase home prices by a few percentage points this year. The simple reason for this increase was because of the cost of building new homes. The costs were not keeping up with the price of what the home should be selling for.

The group stated that there is a market recovery underway and that it is a good recovery but not a great one. This group of builders and developers maintains that even though the average home cost is higher the margin of profit to build a home is still quite low.

Another reason why home prices will rise this year in Scottsdale is because there is no longer any bargain land for sale. Bargain land was available during the past recession and housing crash but it has now disappeared. Also, there is a shortage of construction workers which adds to additional building costs.

There has been a recent increase in demand from home buyers which also will definitely raise current house prices in Scottsdale. This means that a buyer of a new or existing home should consider purchasing one fairly soon. That said, lots of prospective buyers are looking to save the move and do remodeling of their existing property. We found a great remodeler that has done many homes of celebrities, and we learned a lot. Thanks for the great stories, Carmel Homes Design Group! I’ve got your card and will calling you! 🙂

I was looking for real estate options in Scottsdale Arizona because I wanted to move there to be nearby and I found out that there were so many options, that it was overwhelming and I didn’t know where to turn that is why I started to look for help through a real estate agent they were able to help me find out what was on the market, and what a fair price was to pay for the place I wanted to get. It took a little bit of time, but it was worth it when all was said and done.

One thing I have to say is it is very important to go to each home that you are thinking of buying to check to see how big it is in person. Even if you see pictures of it, that doesn’t really teach you how big it is in person because it may look way bigger or smaller depending on the layout of the home. It could be a few thousand square feet, but there could be all kinds of things in the way like furniture or what have you that could make it seem like a much smaller spot when you move into figure out what kind of space you need, and go for a home with that.

Scottsdale Arizona Real Estate

Are you wondering what the market trend for real estate is in Scottsdale, Arizona? If you are considering a move to this beautiful area then it is advisable to get some current data for home inventory, prices, and market activity for Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area.

The Scottsdale real estate trend has been on a slow and steady upturn since the end of 2011. At the end of 2011 the prices of homes were at an astonishingly low level. The median sales price in Maricopa County now however are up 6% from the previous year while the average sales price has climbed 6.3%.

New home buyers are likely to see higher prices in the Scottsdale and Metro Phoenix areas this year. There should not be too big of a jump but there will be an increase to offset any of the rising costs that home builders are facing. One analyst predicts that there may be anywhere between a 7% to 9% increase this year.

The number one issue for the home building industry is appreciation. The reason for this is because the cost of building a home has jumped more than 50% in the last two years. Therefore, if you are considering to purchase a home in the Scottsdale area it would be a good idea to do it sooner than later.

Preparing To Settle In Scottsdale

My daughter told me she wanted to move to Scottsdale, Arizona and I was concerned for her. I had this image of Scottsdale in my head that was less than favorable. I was expecting Scottsdale to be an area with cheap, rundown homes, but the homes are pretty nice there once I saw them. The median price for a home there is over $400,000, which is quite a bit of a difference from what I paid so many years ago for my home. Someone making a good salary could cover that easily. Most people who live there make around $80,000, which is around what my daughter makes.

There was already a home in Scottsdale that my daughter had her eye on. She likes to have a lot of space, even if she is the only person who is going to be living in the home. That’s why she went with a two story house with five bedrooms and three baths.

Although my daughter didn’t have any children, she was thinking about having some one day and wanted to be sure that her kids would be able to get the best education in Arizona. There are 57 schools in Scottsdale, ranging from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade, and the majority of them have high rankings.

Hello and Welcome!

Hello, and thanks for stopping by my blog. My name is Bethany, and my dream has always been to be a real estate agent. I’d love to help couples or families find just the right home for their needs. I live in Scottsdale, and the market is hot right now! Before I dive in head first, I wanted to collect my thoughts and strategy, and most importantly look at the market itself. What do I need to know? I believe that blogging about the thoughts will not only help me, but also help others looking at the great market in Gainey Ranch and surrounding areas.

What Is The Outlook For The Real Estate Market In Scottsdale AZ?

While Phoenix is said to have the #1 real estate market in Arizona for this year, that is to be expected. That doesn’t mean the market isn’t strong in Scottsdale though. When is the last time you were in Scottsdale, Arizona? It is a city with plenty of real estate listings for sure. Are you looking at the commercial listings or the residential listings? Do you have a price set in your mind?

Consumers might want to know how the market outlook compares to last year and even in the years previous. One federal change that is affecting the real estate markets across the nation this year is the rising interest rates. That is making many people out there feel like the time is noe to buy. That doesn’t mean there is a shortage of listings out there on the market in Scottsdale though. There are probably more listings than ever before.

It is a healthy real estate market in Scottsdale, Arizona, as healthy as it can be. These years we are living in now definitely represent opportunities for buying real estate at better prices and better interest rates. As for sellers in Scottsdale AZ, that doesn’t mean you don’t have any bargaining chips.

A Great Real Estate Investment Opportunity In Scottsdale Arizona

Many people are confused when it comes to investing in real estate. They may be apprehensive because of past real estate bubbles in certain areas. Most of those areas that have had a drop in real estate prices have now returned to provide the investor with an excellent opportunity. Then there are other areas in the United States that have always been a good investment when it comes to real estate. What are some of those areas?

One of the best areas in the United States that has a constant positive real estate climate is Scottsdale, Arizona. Besides having a positive real estate climate it also has a gorgeous year-round climate which makes it a favorite destination for families and retirees who enjoy the outdoors. There are many great outdoor activities such as golf, hiking, boating, and sightseeing.

For example, if you enjoy playing golf then Scottsdale is the place for you. Scottsdale has many amazing golf courses for both beginners and semi professionals. If you like sporting events, the state of Arizona has professional basketball, baseball, hockey, and football teams. Yes, the real estate market has never been better in Scottsdale, Arizona.